Reaffirming A Brand Position
YesTo has been leading the clean beauty movement for over 15 years. After years of growth and an expanding product portfolio, they asked Bullet to refresh their brand with a design that positioned them back to being the mass market leader in fruit and veggie-based products that are simple yet unique, widely accessible, and offering an affordable price-point.
The Challenge
All YesTo products are composed of at least 95% natural ingredients but in recent years the company had minimized its horticultural ties, instead focusing on trendy ingredients. Market research determined that consumers and retailers wanted a well-balanced, regime-driven natural line of products.
The Design Concept
To re-emphasize its commitment to being as natural as possible, we simplified the packaging. No fluff, just the facts. Front and center on each product is the natural symbol (always at least 95% natural ingredients in the formula), the key ingredient (fruits and veggies), the skin benefit, and the ideal skin type to use the product (dry, sensitive, blemish-tone, dull and uneven).
Bold, Not Distracting
No more guesswork! For their original items, we kept the original color schemes such as red for tomatoes green for cucumbers, pink for grapefruit, and white for fragrance-free. Clean and clutter-free imagery makes it easier than ever to find exactly what you need to achieve healthier-looking skin.

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