SoccerIQ Academic & Athletic Institute is a newly formed premier soccer development program dedicated to nurturing the skills of the next generation of aspiring champions. Their institute prioritizes the holistic development of their players, aiming to create well-rounded athletes who can excel on and off the field and persevere in any environment.
When I first started I had the initial idea of incorporating a traditionally-shaped opened book but I found the lines that would have symbolized the pages competing with the lines in the soccer ball. To create a better optical flow, I created the shape of the opened book (without the page lines) and encased it into a spherical shape with the soccer ball. 

I wanted to combine the idea that knowledge (usually symbolized graphically by a tree with many leaves) is represented by a leaf~book bearing fruit ( the soccer ball). The resulting badge is appropriately sporty, rigid, and welcoming for an academic institution anchored in sports.

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