We are beauty focused with a power punch.

Whether your brand wants to produce a new hair care line, strengthen an existing one or completely start from scratch, we will craft and inject it with enough personality to stand out of the aisle.

I like to say that I help hair and skin care brands to stand out on in a crowded market place. There is so much competition on the shelves and with disappearing budgets, that first impression of the packaging or image has to have enough power to say "stop! check me out!"
If I'm not designing or photographing then I'm teaching Zumba or scouring flea markets and thrift stores for vintage manual camera lenses and listening to music on my JVC 5-Disc CD Changer. It still sounds good!
You won't find me in some fancy office. I do everything from my own home with my own computer and photography equipment. My space doesn't matter but if you've got a nice spot with a great scenic view, then I'm packing up and heading your way!
What is your brand about? And why are you facing challenges to communicating that? If you are bringing a new exciting product to the market or already have sitting on store shelves, we will ask this same question regardless. Thoughtfully and authentically, let’s figure out how to connect with your target audience.
Packaging Design
This is absolutely what we love to do! Shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, serums, scrubs, replenishing mist…we’ve done a lot in our time. You want a curl line? We think “that needs to be purple or even lime green!” Domestically or internationally, our experience in packaging design will help to effectively communicate what you need it to do.
Graphic Design
You are going to need some cool graphics to show off that awesome packaging we just designed right? Maybe a brochure, hangtag, point-of-purchase display and a holiday duo caddy. Yep, you’re going to need all of these for all the different stores that can’t wait to sell your product. And that’s for real!
We create super-clean images for online retailers (white background, clean shadows, highlights, reflection) and poppy, moody or bright images that emotionally connect with your audience. What we determined in branding will set the tone and style for your brand image library.

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