Childcare for the Modern Child
Besa Academy approached Bullet to develop a strong brand identity that reflected the founder’s ambitions for expansion. The school’s online presence was separated into two sites and two logos, one of which listed it as a school, academy, and center. We changed the Besa Center into the Besa Academy, giving it a colorful brand look that reflected the academic offerings that are fun, warm, and imaginative.
Logo Design
Through our branding workshops and a visit to the academy, we were able to determine that they place a high emphasis on the value of early childcare. Taking that into account we designed a fun, deconstructed, playful logo that can easily be applied to clothing, website, and social media. The primary logo consists of fun and playful “B” and “A” letters that feel welcoming and imaginative. Together they create a balanced, catchy logomark.
Brand Guidelines + Identity Development
Alongside the new identity, we created a system of brand strategy, verbal/visual identity, and art direction. We also created applications for printed materials such as branded business cards, T-shirts, tote bags, and water bottles. Compiled into a set of brand guidelines, they give Besa Academy the tools to share its vision of childcare and to evolve into the future.

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